David Perkins

Have you ever thought about becoming a vegetarian?

Posted on Friday 5th August 2011 at 12:58 am.

According to my mum, i was born a vegetarian baby and my first couple of years alive, i was a full on, through and through vegetarian… for some reason i then wasn’t brought up as a veggie. I hadn’t thought about it at all since i was told that, until i met my girlfriend (who is a veggie) and after seeing what she can’t eat by choice, i don’t think i could do it if i’m honest.

I love the commitment that my girlfriend and vegetarian friends have towards being veggie. My willpower is terrible and i’m a sucker for suede so i’d probably fail pretty quickly if i did make the transition to vegetarian.

I also ride motorbikes and the best protection on a bike is unfortunately leather. If i was to become veggie, i would have to rethink what i could wear to protect me.

This isn’t to say that i wouldn’t maybe try it in the future, but if Haribo and Bacon are off the cards, i don’t think it’d be an easy transition.

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