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Deaf Pigeon Update

BOIKZMOIND on Deaf Pigeon

Many of you know that i run the fixed gear blog ‘Deaf Pigeon’ and if you follow this blog or know me personally, you will understand how excited i am about the BOIKZMOIND film.

The premiere for this is on Saturday so as a little promotion i decided to ‘reskin’ the Deaf Pigeon site in some BOIKZMOIND livery.

Go check it out

My newest bike

Been wanting a Leader bike since i started riding Fixed a year ago and when i heard that Leader were dropping the 2011 version, i had to get one. I got it from Tokyo Fixed (awesome guys) and went to pick it up in person, which just so happened to coincide with the Fixed&What’s first periodical launch, which was also really cool to go to.

The bike is awesome, so much better than my Peugeot conversion for so many different reasons! You can see all of the photos in detail over on Deaf Pigeon.

2011 Leader 725

2011 Leader 725

Spinergy Wheel

Spinergy Wheel

I did it… i finally got my front wheel. An awesome Spinergy Rev X full carbon 700c front wheel. So stoked on this it’s not even funny. It rides so nice, the sound is insane… so much more responsive than my old Charge dish wheel. Only problem i’ve found so far is crosswinds. Rev X wheels do not like crosswinds :)

Monster Traps

Since the first time i saw these foot straps i’ve wanted some. My delivery arrived today, a pair of awesome black/grey Monster Traps.

There’s so many different types/brands of foot straps available to buy out there and picking one you like is a difficult task in itself.

Monster Traps

New Wheel

After destroying my Charge Dish wheel in a fit of rage in a Preston Docklands carpark on a rainy, wet, cold evening due to inner-tube valve failure. I had to get a new rear wheel. It took a lot of decision because there’s so many awesome combinations and so much price fluctuation. I finally decided to settle on a Velocity B43.

Click through to read more and see more pictures.

B43 Profile