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How to bake: THE HULK

How to bake my HULK CAKE

Manchester Tarts

Manchester Tarts

So i’ve baked little cup-cake type things, a quad coloured sponge and a HULK cake… Time for something a little bit more exciting… The Manchester Tart!

Hedgehog Cupcake

Hedgehog Cupcakes

Back to normality for a little while. This weekend, me and my lady decided to make some normal type cupcakes.

Now i couldn’t just have a normal cupcake, could i?

The Hulk

The Hulk Cake


On the back of the ‘C M Y Kake’, we decided to make another cake…

C M Y Kake

C M Y Kake

Cyan Magenta Yellow K? Cake? Black?

I’ve been on a mad spree of making cakes over the past month or so and me and the missus decided to make an ode to design in sponge cake format.