David Perkins



This is a little taste of something very special coming pretty soon. My band Yachts. have finished recording our first demo EP and it needed some tasty artwork to go with it.

It contains 3 songs, all beginning with ‘S’.

We’ll be getting all of the internets soon and hopefully releasing it out to the world early August. So happy with how the first press of the demo sounds, just a couple of little minor tweaks and then we’re good to go.


Pencil In

After a long time writing, practicing and recording, my band Pencil In, have finally got our first EP ready to release. We’ve currently only got the demo tracks online for you to have a listen to, and within the next few weeks, we will have a release date.

The EP is called ‘When All That’s Left Is All That’s Left Behind’ and there are 4 tracks on it:
1. I Blaspheme
2. The Subtle Transition
3. Excess To Impress
4. Back And To The Left

Deaf Pigeon Blog

Deaf Pigeon Fixed Gear Blog

I’ve not designed and built anything for myself to stretch my wings for a long while, so i decided to put together a new blog dedicated to all things fixed gear, the main reason for this is because of my new found hobby obsession with fixie’s.

Poker Chips Icon Release

Poker Chips Icon and Wallpaper

Thought that i would design a poker themed icon for some fun really! I also designed a wallpaper to go with it! The icon comes in the usual formats (.icns and icontainer) and the wallpaper has 2 variants (pattern and no pattern) and in widescreen & fullscreen desktop sizes.

The new Planetperki site…

Hello everyone…

Here is my first blog post using my new wordpress blog on my fresh website for 2009… i got rather bored of the last one after a short time because i had basically piled in far too much information and stuff into a relatively small website.