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Me vs. Flies

Fucked Hands

For some reason my flat has been a haven for flies today and batfink was too busy air drumming to Pantera to catch them so i had to step up and get them myself.

I managed to rack up 3 – Nil vs. the flies.

Also… my hands are messed up! Years of playing drums and more recently, fixing bikes seem to have ruined them :(

Have you ever thought about becoming a vegetarian?

According to my mum, i was born a vegetarian baby and my first couple of years alive, i was a full on, through and through vegetarian… for some reason i then wasn’t brought up as a veggie. I hadn’t thought about it at all since i was told that, until i met my girlfriend (who is a veggie) and after seeing what she can’t eat by choice, i don’t think i could do it if i’m honest.

I love the commitment that my girlfriend and vegetarian friends have towards being veggie. My willpower is terrible and i’m a sucker for suede so i’d probably fail pretty quickly if i did make the transition to vegetarian.

I also ride motorbikes and the best protection on a bike is unfortunately leather. If i was to become veggie, i would have to rethink what i could wear to protect me.

This isn’t to say that i wouldn’t maybe try it in the future, but if Haribo and Bacon are off the cards, i don’t think it’d be an easy transition.

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New Bike & Awesome Wheel

I am officially bike obsessed, there’s no other way of dealing with it other than just coming out and saying it… I AM OBSESSED. I do nothing else on the internet in my spare time other than scooting about looking at the next best/most recent bicycle related component/frame/wheel whatever.

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New bike

What i’m reading at the moment

I’m a bit slow to catch onto things sometimes so when i came across Issuu, i was pretty happy. Turns out everyone has already heard about it. Anyway… here are some of the things that i’ve recently found on Issuu that i’m reading through at the moment!

New Hat

Brixton Rift

For those of you who know me personally, you will know of my obsession with hats, no matter what weather or time of year, i have a hat on. To add to this collection, my lovely girlfriend bought me an awesome new hat yesterday. I’ve tried on so many different brands of hat in this style and none have looked right on my massive, orb of a skull, but this Brixton Rift was beautiful. Get one from Scene in Preston!