David Perkins

New Hat

Brixton Rift

For those of you who know me personally, you will know of my obsession with hats, no matter what weather or time of year, i have a hat on. To add to this collection, my lovely girlfriend bought me an awesome new hat yesterday. I’ve tried on so many different brands of hat in this style and none have looked right on my massive, orb of a skull, but this Brixton Rift was beautiful. Get one from Scene in Preston!

Weekly Scrapbook | 19 July, 2011

Definitely some quality finds this week. Bikes again, but this time we have a lovely picture of Stephanie Clerkx from the Quick Step racing team, an awesome looking big cat and some Tour De France injury.

I keep saying it but, massive thanks to Jasper for creating AYSIM!

Click through to see the scrapbook this week!


Monster B.F.C

Monster B.F.C


This is a little taste of something very special coming pretty soon. My band Yachts. have finished recording our first demo EP and it needed some tasty artwork to go with it.

It contains 3 songs, all beginning with ‘S’.

We’ll be getting all of the internets soon and hopefully releasing it out to the world early August. So happy with how the first press of the demo sounds, just a couple of little minor tweaks and then we’re good to go.




What an awesome day!